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Rewiring offers a way of ensuring your property, is well maintained we offer rewiring services throughout Whangarei. With years of experience under our highly qualified team, you cannot go wrong. We understand most homes wires were either TRS (Tough Rubber Sheathed) or VIR (Vulcanised India Rubber insulated) cabling. With new discoveries brought to light which have assisted the urge to create new wiring regulations. As TRS or VIR cables deteriorate significantly over time, breaking away protective insulation, exposing live wires. Which may increase the risk of fires or electrocutions around your property.

Rewiring services, CMC Electrical, Whangarei

With modern cables available such as TPS (Tough Plastic Sheath) which is now the new regulation wiring specified in New Zealand. Whether building new homes or rewiring we use the regulated wiring that ensures a safer environment for longer periods. If you are searching for Whangarei's rewiring specialists, you have come to the right place. Please contact us today for a quote or further information on our rewiring service available across Whangarei.